GNSS Signal Generator
The TESCOM TC-2800A GNSS signal generator is designed to measure the quality of the receiver in the production line by generating GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou signals. The user can set the signal conditions through the frontal LCD and keypad without PC, and the signal generator supports USB interfaces and commands for automatic production. Lightweight and slim, the product is the size of half the rack/2U; thus saving installation space.

TC-2800A is an economically efficient, optimal solution for the reliable measurement of C/NO and reception sensitivity of single or multiple DUTs in the GNSS receiver production line.

Stable System Architecture

TC-2800A deploys FPGA-based Software-Define-Radio (SDR) architecture for stable signal and efficient GPS/GLONASS signal transmission, which require high accuracy.

Wide Dynamic Power Range

TC-2800A provides a wide and continuous dynamic power range from 0 to -130 dBm. For the various measurement requirements, TC-2800A covers all power level within this range without gaps. The 30dB attenuator enables TC-2800A  to meet  low-level output requirements as low as -160 dBm.

Front LCD and Keypad Control

TC-2800A users need not establish PC connections or use separate programs to set GPS or GLONASS signal prameters.  The intuitive, easy-to-use GUI and front keypad allow the user to set protocol parameters, RF output, and frequency efficiently.  Such convenient setting allows the user to perform repetitive measurement easily in various conditions.

Remote Control

TC-2800A is equipped with USB-to-serial interfaces for users to control the devices remotely through USB on PC without RS-232C or GPIB interfaces.  The user can run all functions using the provided commands and even create an automation program for mass production.

Firmware Upgrade

TC-2800A provides a simple upgrade program for users to upgrade the firmware through PC.  The upgrade program is provided upon purchase, and the user can receive the upgrade data from the TESCOM website or through email.

Key Features

◆ Single-channel GPS L1 C/A
Single-channel GLONASS L1 C/A
Single-channel BeiDou B1 
Wide dynamic power range from 0 to -130 dBm
Signal data display through color LCD
Easy control through frontal keypad without PC
Remote control through USB Port
Easy firmware upgrade through USB port
Lightweight and slim, size of half the rack/2U


GPS Signal

Range: L1 C/A channel

Frequency: 1575.42 MHz

PRN: 1 ~ 32


Range: L1 C/A channel

Frequency: 1602.00 MHz ± KΔf1, K = -7 ~ 6, f1 = 562.5 kHz

PRN: 1 ~ 32

BeiDou Signal

Range: B1 channel

Frequency: 1561.098 MHz

PRN: 1 ~ 37

Output Level

Rang: 0 ~ -130 dBm

Resolution: 0.1 dB


RF Out: N Type, 50 Ohm, DC isolated (> 0.1 MHz)

Reference IN: BNC Type, 10 MHz < ±10 ppm, 0 ~ 10 dBm @ 50 Ohm

Reference OUT: BNC Type, 10 MHz < ±1 ppm, 8 dBm ± 2 dB @ 50 Ohm


Line Voltage: 100 ~ 240VAC, 50/60 Hz

Dimension: 210(W) x 342(D) x 88(H) mm

Weight: 6 Kg

Packing Size: 335(W) x 454(D) x 145(H) mm

Packing Weight: approx. 7 Kg

* Please refer to the datasheet for details.

Ordering Information

TC-2800A GNSS Signal Generator

    (In the case of GNSS tester order, GLONASS and GPS are the basic specification.)


S2800-30 BeiDou S/W Option

[Data Sheet]
TC-2800A Data Sheet
TC-2800A GNSS Signal Generator Operating Manual
[Firmware / Program]
[TC-2800A] Firmware Upgrade_V3.11