WLAN / BT Test Platform
In the environment of ever-changing wireless communications technologies, TESCOM enables you to test a variety of WLAN or Bluetooth devices with one equipment. MTP300A is not only fast and precise but also light-weighted and user-friendly. It is optimized to perform quick and appropriate test in production and development of diverse wireless communication devices.

MTP300A is based on software defined radio(SDR) which means a change or an upgrade of application software is enough for different measurements. Hence it is effective and economical in a long term, if it isn't already.

Key Features
Adaptive to Diverse Wireless Communication Technologies

Wide Frequency Range (650 MHz ~ 6 GHz)

Providing a wide range of frequency of 650 MHz to 6 GHz, it is possible to choose the proper frequency range for different technologies
▷ Scalability Based on SDR (Software Defined Radio)
Possible to measure diverse RF wireless technologies through software upgrades without hardware change

Supports WLAN and Bluetooth Tests

▷ WLAN IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/p/ac Test Support (Non-signaling Test)

- Supports IEEE802.11a/b/g/n (S300A-W01 option)
- Supports IEEE802.11ac 80 & 160 MHz bandwidth (S300A-W02 option)
- Supports IEEE802.11p which is specialized in vehicle communications system (S300A-W03 option)
- Provides WLAN-specialized measurement (spectrum, EVM constellation, power-time, EMV vs carrier, spectral flatness, spectrum mask)

- Provides scalar function which includes most frequently used RF test items in mass-production

▷ Bluetooth Low Energy 5.x Support

- Provides 31 kinds of BT LE RF test cases for measurement
- Supports various BT LE testing methods such as direct test, non-signaling test and advertising test.

▷ Classic Bluetooth 5.x Support

- Supports Bluetooth signaling test
- Supports Bluetooth non-signaling test
- Provides BR, EDR test cases and diverse Bluetooth measuring functions
- Audio test function via audio profile
- Protocol analysis function

Optimized for Mass-production

- Two RF ports offer production solutions such as dual or parallel test to cut the cost.
- The size is 2U Full Rack to fit into production lines easily.
- It is economical with expandability to many wireless standards.

Easy Remote Control

MTP300A provides remote control with VISA library. Also its commands comply with SCPI standard, so the time and effort to set the production-line testing system can be minimized.

Custom Testing Solution

TESCOM can offer custom testing solutions for each and every customer. In association with our various Shield Box, antenna couplers, fixtures and automating software, we provide the most optimal testing solution for wireless devices as a whole, rather that a single equipment.

Low Cost

The most effective solution for a low cost.



Range: 650 MHz to 6000 MHz

Resolution: 10 Hz

Output Power Range (Continuous Wave)

RF1 Port (TDD)

- 650 MHz to 4800 MHz:  -96 dBm to 0 dBm
- 4800 MHz to 5600 MHz:  -95 dBm to 0 dBm
- 5600 MHz to 6000 MHz:  -94 dBm to -2 dBm

RF2 Port (FDD)

- 650 MHz to 4800 MHz:  -95 dBm to 0 dBm
- 4800 MHz to 5600 MHz:  -95 dBm to -5 dBm
- 5600 MHz to 6000 MHz:  -95 dBm to -8 dBm

Resolution: 0.01 dB

Input Power Range (Continuous Wave)

RF1 Port(TDD) :  -74 dBm to +21 dBm
RF2 Port(FDD) :
 -70 dBm to +25 dBm


Line voltage: 100 ~ 240 VAC, 50~60 Hz

Power consumption: < 10 W (standby) / 80 W (typical) / 120 W (max)

Dimension: 440 (W) mm x 439 (D) mm x 100.5 (H) mm
Weight: 8.0 kg
Packing Size: 540 (W) mm x 540 (D) mm x 240 (H) mm
Packing weight: Approx. 10.0 kg

* Please refer to the data sheet for more details.

Ordering Information

MTP300A Basic Model

B300A-00 WLAN / BT Test Platform (H/W), Basic 

WLAN Options

S300A-W01 WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n option

S300A-W02 WLAN IEEE 802.11ac option

S300A-W03 WLAN IEEE 802.11p option

Bluetooth Options

S300A-B01 Classic Bluetooth BR (basic rate), EDR option (signaling)

S300A-B02 Bluetooth Low Energy option

S300A-B03 Audio option

[Data Sheet]
MTP300A Data Sheet including key features, specifications and ordering information
[Firmware / Program]
MTP300A OS upgrade V1.134