Dual Polarized Vivaldi Antenna
Dual Polarized Vivaldi Antenna
Key Features
  • Receiver sensitivity testing, Transmitter radiated power testing.
  • Mobile Phones, WLAN, PDA, Bluetooth, LTE, GNSS.


◈ Dimensions

68(W) * 80(D) * 0.6(H) (for Each)    [Unit : mm]

◈ Mechanical Specifications

  • Antenna Type: DPVA(Dual Polarized Vivaldi Antenna)
  • Frequency Range: 6 GHz ~ 12 GHz
  • RF Connector: SMA(F)
  • Dimension: 68(W) x 80(D) x 0.6(H) mm (for Each)
  • Terminal: 50 ohm
  • VSWR: < 3.3 @ 6 GHz ~ 12 GHz


TC-93177A VSWR

◈ Application

    - Path loss difference depending on distance between two antenna couplers

TC-93177A Path Loss (Horizontal)

TC-93177A Path Loss (Vertical)

Ordering Information

TC-93177A Dual Polarized Vivaldi Antenna

[Data Sheet]
The data sheet of TC-93177A DPV Antenna containing key features, specifications and ordering information.