Spiral Antenna
TC-93060A/93061A, Spiral Antenna, performs RF Coupling for Near Field Electromagnetic Field of DUT as installed in the TSCOM’s RF Shield Box. It is stable and has steady RF Coupling characteristics within range of 800 ~ 6000 MHz that can be applied to test various types of devices using 5GHz frequency range such as Wifi and LTE. It provides the most stable test environment. The polarization of the two models is the opposite, as TC-93060A has LHCP and TC-93061A has RHCP.
Key Features



◈ Mechanical Specifications

Frequency Range: 800 ~ 6000 MHz

RF Connector: SMA(f)

Dimension: 106 (W) x 130 (D) x 15.6 (H) mm

Weight: 300 g

Terminal: 50 Ohm

VSWR: better than 1 : 2.2 (Typ 1.8)

Polarization: TC-93060A (LHCP) / TC-93061A (RHCP)

 Typical S11 and VSWR Data of TC-93060A/93061A (T=25℃)

 Polarization of TC-93060A/93061A

Transfer function difference between TC-93060/93061A

 Field Distribution of TC-93060A/93061A

       - Measured in open area through Dipole Antenna (0.9 &1.8 &2.4 &5.8 GHz, Tescom)

- Distance from Antenna Coupler (TC-93060A/93061A) to Dipole Antenna: 5 cm

 Path Loss Distribution at 900 MHz

 Path Loss Distribution at 1800 MHz

 Path Loss Distribution at 2400 MHz

 Path Loss Distribution at 5800 MHz

Ordering Information

TC-93060A Flat Type Antenna Coupler 

TC-93061A Flat Type Antenna Coupler